AT-AT model, shuttle Tydiriumodel and Darth Vader's mask
A miniature ATAT, the Shuttle Tydirium and Darth Vader's Mask from Star Wars.
While the face of Darth Vader's mask and the shoulders were made
from sheets of styrene, the helmet is made from fiberglass!

The Darth Vader mask now resides in a small acrylic case, a miniature version of the case
in which the life-sized Darth Vader mask is displayed in.

parts for AT-AT and shuttle Tydirium models

These are all the parts for the AT-AT and Tydirium miniatures.
The AT-AT is based on the small model from the MPC/ERTL "Hoth Attack" model kit.
The shuttle is scratch-built from thin pieces of styrene. The wings and guns are movable.

There are two more ATAT models in our collection: an unfinished, scratch-built AT-AT model
and a licensed studio scale ATAT replica made by Master Replicas.

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