Next, I put all the cables for the lights and cooling fans into the Millennium Falcon model. All of the mounting points mentioned earlier are covered by removable panels, and all have a plug for the AC adapter. (I know the wiring of the Millennium Falcon model might look very complicated, but it actually is not. It's just that all the "line ins" from the mounting points come together in one point and then get split up into the cooling fans and the lighting).

I find there's always one "problem" when you build a model from scratch: When you first start it, it goes real fast. After a couple of days you already have something that looks like an unfinished Millennium Falcon. It's very rough, but since you've been working with big parts, you have an impressive model. Then, as you work along, the parts get smaller and smaller. You put more and more hours into the model but you don't really see as much progress. And weeks later, you still have an unfinished Millennium Falcon model. And months later: an unfinished Millennium Falcon model!

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