The templates for the aztec pattern for ONE side of the saucer section of the Enterprise NCC-1701-A model.
The photo copies of the two templates (top and bottom) that came with the model looked
like they had been drawn by a ten-year-old child, so I drew new ones in Photoshop.

I started by masking every other (eight) of the 16 sections of the top side of the saucer section, and then sprayed a thin coat of light grey/tan.

masking the remaining 8 sections:
As you can see, the airbrush masking film I used did not stick that well the top side of the saucer section. Unfortunately, due to the curvature, it stuck even less to the bottom side of the saucer section.

So I decided to use a thicker masking film for the bottom half.
Since the top half was sprayed in two sections, the colors of the two passes did not match perfectly.
In order to get the bottom aztec pattern more evenly, I masked the whole side and sprayed the whole section in one go.
Yes, it did take quite some time to apply and remove the masking tape, since there was no border around the individual 16 sections.

The aztec pattern on the bottom half of the saucer section.
The base coat of the Enterprise model is a semi-gloss white and the aztec pattern is a matte color, creating different specularities. When the light moves across the surface, the panels shimmer.

Click HERE for my aztec templates at 300dpi.

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