Graflex Luke Skywalker Lightsaber movie prop replica from The Empire Stikes Back

Luke Skywalker movie prop Lightsaber

This is a replica of the Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, made from a real Graflex flash.
The Lightsabre was signed by Mark Hamill at the "Big Bang Convention" in Chicago in 1994.

I bought the lightsaber in 1994 from a lady named Jules Dean out of Studio City, CA (at least that is where she had a p.o. box address that looked like an actual street address).
She said the saber was an actual saber from the film and I paid 650 bucks for it (don't ask).
It did come with a COA from her.

A year later, when this saber was on display at, I was contacted by a guy who said he recognized this saber as one that he MADE and sold, a long with a few more like this one, to Jules Dean.

Another year later, I happened to run into Jules Dean at a memorabilia store in LA. I asked her about this saber, and she asked me if I had actually expected to get a real one for that money.

Jules Dean was also nice enough to sell me a few Sports Alamanc note pads from the Universal Studios souvenir store as original back-up props from the film Back to The Future 2.

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