"The Fifth Element original Police movie costume

police uniform from The Fifth Elemen This is a complete head-to-toe police uniform from the Luc Besson Sci-Fi cult film "The Fifth Element".
The costume is made of a canvas type textile material, fiberglass, plastic, metal & rubber.

The helmet has a rare opening visor that is functional (mechanically opens via a wire) and the round white front panel lights up (via a battery pack embedded in back of the costume), as does the red light on the shoulder.

This movie costume also comes complete with all the accessories seen in the film, such as the massive shoulder gun, baton and police shield.
The numbers on the helmet and shield match up to each other, and also represent the police squad in the space port. This particular movie prop gun (blue) was used for the police costume when Zorg was demonstrating his ZF-1 weapon, and also used by the ships crew towards the end of the movie (see the last screen capture).

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