Space Shuttle Columbia heat shield tile tracer pattern

This is a tracer pattern created for the crew hatch window peripheral tiles on the Space Shuttle Orbiter Vehicle Columbia (OV-102).

A bit of history... The tiles around the crew hatch window were dispositioned per an engineering authorization in test preparation sheet FWD-2-10-145 on September 25, 1990 after several of the tiles were discovered to be loose.

The reason for the looseness was an interference between a filler sleeve installed beneath the tiles and the tile strain isolator pad, which serves as the tile's bond.
The previous tile was removed on October 1, 1990.

Tracer pattern T2A1784 was fabricated as a part-not-included (PNI) "splash" pattern on October 11, 1990.

This urethane foam tracer pattern was routed to a manufacturing facility on parts and material request (PMR) 402488 on the following day.
The tracer pattern was used to machine a V070-390069-020 flight tile from LI-2200 material on October 14, 1990. Following the manufacturing process, the tile was bonded on October 31, 1990. This tile is still installed today (March, 2000).

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