The space suit costumes and flight suits pictured below, are original movie costumes.

Armageddon space suit movie prop costume
Bruce Willis Armageddon space suit
Armageddon space suit movie prop costume
Lev Andropov Armageddon space suit
Armageddon spacesuit
A.J Frost (Ben Affleck) space suit
Will Patton space suit
Chick Chapple asteroid suit
Armageddon spacesuit
Bruce Willis shuttle LES space suit
William Fichtner shuttle space suit
William Fichtner LES suit
Red Planet Pettengill (Simon Baker) spacesuit
Pettengill (Simon Baker) Mars 1 spacesuit
Event Horizon space suit
Event Horizon space suit


Armageddon Bruce Willis coveralls
Bruce Willis NASA coveralls
Armageddon rockhound coolsuit
Rockhound coolsuit
Armageddon Rockhound Nasa suit
Rockhound Nasa suit
Armageddon Ben Affleck coldsuit
Ben Affleck coldsuit
Red Planet Chantilas (Terence Stamp) flightsuit
Chantilas (Terence Stamp) Mars 1 flightsuit
Red Planet Pettengill (Simon Baker) Mars 1 Flightsuit
Pettengill (Simon Baker) Mars 1 flightsuit

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